IT Networking Security

Independent Contractor available for immediate hire.

In addition, we pride ourselves on customer service specifications, quality, and exceptional professionalism. Furthermore, we offer high quality service at feasible and affordable rates.

Business clients can be assured the proper documentations (such as reciepts copies, rates, etc.) in correlation with all IT networking transactions.
Education & Skills include:
Bachelors Degree in IT Networking Security & Software Development
9+ years:
IT networking security, installation, and setup
Programming and software development
Technological connection, installation, and repairs
IT Networking
Skilled in IT networking installation, setup, maintenance, and repairs. In addition, connection includes, modem, routers, servers, switches, bridges, and more.
IT Networking Security
Skilled in IT networking security, intrusion provention, recovery, data protection, and more. The network security provided includes firewall, antivirus, antispyware, VPNs, and more.
Software Development
Skilled in software development, apps, and programs include C++, C#, Java, Visual Basics, and more.
Java Program            C# Program             VB Program
Provided Services
Services included:

1- Site Assessment
2- IT Networking & Security
3- Network Installation & Setup

4- Software Development

Additional Maintenance
Customer Service

High Performance
Performance included:

1- Complete Analysis
2- Assessments
3- Exceptional Solutions
4- Quality & Performance Tests
5- Timely Project Completions

Additional Customer Service
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